An embittered and tempestuous teenager quietly grapples with the year-long disappearance of her veteran test pilot father, she wants nothing more than to put it all behind her. However, her inquisitive little brother, forever optimistic refuses to give up hope of his return. When they spot a figure plummeting from the sky, the pair set out to investigate - and to their surprise - it’s their father returned! However, he’s different, unable to recall the past year and revealed to have astonishing flesh like wings. They decide to keep his return a secret and attempt to piece together the mystery. However, when their father begins to have seizures resulting in fragments of memory returning, a mystery that no one can prepare for begins to unravel. The family must work to reconcile while attempting to elude a dark military force encroaching on their rural town.

A returnable serialised drama fit for SVOD.

Press: FilmInk | IF