Christian is a Filmmaker, and Content Creator that grew up on high sugar cereals and Saturday morning cartoons. His heart lies in compelling cinematic genre stories that captivate, evoke and inspire. 

Christian produced his second feature film in 2017, a grounded science fiction drama titled Quanta, about a physicist's life-long work coming to fruition when he's reluctantly partnered with a gifted young grad-student; however, ego divides them when they receive an unknown signal from space. The film is currently in the final stages of post-production and has recently been picked up by sales agent Odin’s Eye Entertainment.

In 2016, Christian was commissioned by the critically acclaimed classical music trio Anon, to Produce and Direct the fifth segment of a musical short film known as Trailer Music II, an original piece of music written by prominent composer and conductor Nicholas Buc. The clip premiered to a sold-out audience during the 2016 Melbourne Music Week and took part in the 2017 St Kilda Film Festival. 

In 2014, Christian produced his first independent feature film the pulp sci-fi Arrowhead - an interstellar survival story of a stranded mercenary who discovers a deadly secret on a seemingly deserted moon. The film went on to sell globally throughout Europe and Asia in 2015, was released in Australia a year later, and a year after that had a short run in cinemas across Canada, and the U.S under the name of Alien Arrival. The film is now available on Netflix (U.S), iTunes and Google Play.

Christian graduated in 2008 with a Diploma in Film & Television Production from RMIT, his graduating short film epilogue. was one of ten shorts chosen to represent new emerging Australian filmmakers in the 2008 SoHo Film Festival in the U.K. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Media and Communication with a Major in Advertising while also continuing to produce projects across several formats. He actively purses Directing opportunities as he enjoys working with actors and creative teams of all sizes.